Anastasia State Park
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Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park and Recreation area, located on the Atlantic coast near historic St. Augustine, Florida off A1A, is one of Florida’s most active state parks. Like other Florida State Parks, Anastasia State Park is managed to look much like it did when Europeans first laid eyes on it centuries ago. The park encompasses in excess of 1600 acres that include serene upland and coastal hammock, teeming tidal marshes, primeval sand dunes, and over four miles of stunning hard-packed sand beaches.
Anastasia State Park, opened since 1949, provides an abundance of opportunities for the energetic visitor that include: a high-quality natural camping experience, swimming, sail boarding, fishing, surfing, picnicking, and sun bathing. Located in a forested area, Anastasia State Park’s amenity laden campground is a short bike ride or stroll to the beach and offers 139 sites. Beachcombing, bicycling, and boating activities can also be found at the park. Kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, and sailboards are available for rent at private vendors near the park.

Anastasia State Park Camping Reservations

For the more casual visitor, wildlife and plant life viewing and photography opportunities abound at Anastasia State Park. The endangered beach mouse, dolphins and other whales, tortoises, sea turtles, foxes, raccoons, and river otters are only a few creatures that call the park home. Hundreds of species of birds share the park including the great blue heron, snowy egret, osprey, ruddy duck, screech owl, and even the American bald eagle. Numerous species of butterflies including hairstreaks, swallowtails, monarch, zebra long wings, and Gulf fritillaries are supported by the plant life. Plant life includes windblown oaks, red cedar, several types of pines including sand, slash, and loblolly, cabbage palms, and the ubiquitous Spanish moss. Many species of beautiful grasses and flowering plants can be found along the beaches including sea oats, cattail, purple passionflower, and seaside evening primrose, just to name a few.

Seabirds at Anastasia State Park

Archaeology and history buffs will be drawn to Anastasia State Park’s historical coquina rock mine, which was used in centuries past to harvest material to build numerous structures in and around St. Augustine, many of which are still standing today including the Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marcos.

Anastasia State Park hosts several formal events annually, including the Beach Bash, held in June, and the Haunted Hayride around Halloween. Weekends feature living history programs, fire circles, various forms of entertainment and slide shows.

Entry fees for day visitation at the park are nominal at five dollars per vehicle with up to eight visitors and one dollar for walkers and bike riders.  For more specific information on camping and the associated amenities at Anastasia, please refer to our infomration on camping at Anastasia State Park.